Fuck it. I don't care.

To tell ya the truth, I really don’t remember that one chick taking her clothes off in Star Trek: Into Darkness.

I dunno if that says anything about me, or the movie,


favorite moments in comics ► green arrow and black canary #4

Within the chaotic chorus that is the song of planet Earth, he hears a familiar voice with an unfamiliar tone. Fear.




what if

dragons came back

killed all the rich people and took their money for their horde

and then if you needed money

you would just challenge the dragon to a riddle duel

and both of us ended up agreeing that riddle duels with dragon bankers would somehow be a much fairer, less frustrating economic system than we have now


The Black Mirror, Scott Snyder’s run on Detective Comics.

—You’d best not miss ♦

—You’d best not miss 


coupla G’s


coupla G’s


True Story.


True Story.

Over the course of the interview he disparages Morrison’s image as the cool, aging rocker of the industry, writing, “for thirty years I have had to patiently endure the craven and bitchy hostility of someone who, when I bother to think of him at all, I think of as a Scottish tribute band.” He then goes on to describe Morrison as “herpes-like,” “a feverishly fixated non-entity,” and like “my own personal 18th century medicinal leech,” characterizing him as a frustrating hanger-on who used Moore’s work as an inspiration but never evolved beyond shallow imitation. 

“This was evidently some pallid species of career-tapeworm that one might perhaps expect to pick up in the parasite-infested waters of the comic business,” wrote Moore, describing his reaction when he came across Morrison towards the beginning of Morrison’s career. “A fame-hungry individual without the talent necessary to satisfy his inflated ambitions who had decided to connect himself with my name by simultaneously borrowing heavily from my work and making studiedly controversial statements about me in comic-book fanzines grateful for any free content from supposed professionals. I decided that the best thing I could do about this needy limpet was to ignore him and everything connected with him.” [READ MORE]

God doesn’t make the world this way. We do.
Alan Moore
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